Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wing Sail

Perhaps The Perfect Catamaran

"Winged technology has as many advantages for the 40-50 foot boat owner andoperator as it does for the superyacht operator. It's hands free, it'ssafe, it's green and it has lower maintenance costs. It takes virtually nomanpower to keep a wing upright and to monitor the controls, yet traditionalsoft sails require knowledgeable bodies to make sail changes and to trimthem. Thin-filmed solar sheets reduce fuel costs, because you're not runningengines all of the time to recharge batteries. It's a lot less expensive toreplace individual panels on wing elements than it is to replace old sails,"said an enthusiastic Pete Melvin who is looking forward to seeing winged multihull fleets of all sizes circling the globe.

Harbor Wing's breakthrough technology WingSailTM and Sail-by-Wire computer technology enables the development of wind driven recreational vessels that offer speed, precision control and safety without the expense and emissions of fossil fuels. These vessels will be as easy to command as engine powered watercraft. Renowned boat designers, Morrelli and Melvin, and Harbor Wing Technologies are joining to take a significant leap forward in wind power for luxury multi-hull sailing. Robustly designed WingSails provide exceptional performance and advanced control. Sleek vessel designs are matched to optimize safety, control and performance.

Operation – Totally automated control is at the heart of the system, even on large catamarans, all it takes is one person and a joystick control.
Performance – Power equals that of a conventional sail rig with less WingSail area.
Safety – Stability and ease of control built in with Wing-Drive software system algorithms that keep you within the vessels performance boundaries.
Deck Space – Does away with running rigging and sail handling
Automation – Set your speed, take the helm and the system manages all WingSail settings. Hybrid Design – System engages auxiliary diesel or electric motors when desired or needed.